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BMW S1000RR 2023 - STOP

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Good morning friends.

I am writing to you from Spain, last week I had the satisfaction of buying a new BMW S1000RR 2023.

The surprise came today when they called me from the dealer indicating that they cannot deliver it to me since it has a STOP campaign.

Supposedly the campaign has to do with the brake lever.

Could you help me?
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The stop delivery is new. Like a few days. The bulletin is being written. Parts will be required. It only applies to bikes with the billet pack (M levers).
No. They will supply the reworked M levers as the issue affects billet pack bikes and the customer has paid for this option, so they must be corrected with the same. Using a standard lever is not satisfactory (even though the current M is also not). Hopefully parts supply is not an issue which will impact delivery.
Stop delivery means bike cannot be released or registered until issue is resolved. If customer has bike already, its too late to stop it. But anything not left the dealer, can't leave.
Yes. This is expected protocol.
It hinges around parts. Once parts are available. Its good to go. The info will be released soon is my understanding. Tipping a replacement lever.
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Not impacted by this, but curious - what's wrong with the lever?
No official word yet but one member here did post saying it came off when riding.
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Ok information released.

Analysis has found that the fulcrum bush, which acts upon the master cylinder pushrod in the milled front brake levers were manufactured with insufficient tolerances. This may cause a blockage of the blow by in the master cylinder affecting modulation of the front brake.

An updated fulcrum bush has been developed.

This is an initial release of info. Repair instructions not released.
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If dealers have demos with the billet levers which are registered, they can be ridden. Some customers got their billet bikes just before this stop delivery so they're also riding.
Dang ive had my bike for 2 months and have almost 300 miles on it. Call the dealership to find out whats up and havent got a call back
23 model?
Bulletin has been released. Issue affects Billet levers on 23 RR and 23 M R. Replacement fullcrum pins are available for fitment. Bikes from Feb 9 are not affected.
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I do have a copy. But they will have it also. Its released globally by AG.
Please ask your dealers to run your VIN in AIR. The campaign is provided. If you want me to double check this before you call them, PM me your VIN.
I do not understand the lack of knowledge shown by some individuals in dealerships when it comes to these things. I mean I monitor these things every second of the day, I'm wired that way. But when someone asks, its a 2 second job to look the VIN up. All info is supplied.
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Aftersales Information Research. There might be some lag from the NSC in each Country to update the bulletin into AIR. That's the only thing that would stop it. However for me, it is showing on all affected VIN's I've checked so far. So it might be possible they don't see it, but I doubt it. AG release globally. Its up to the NSC to then release their version.
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Benny: Not to hijack this thread, but I just got word there's a "Stop Sale" potentially on R1250R, R1250RS, R1250RT, R1250GS, and R12560GS Adventures for a swingarm bolt replacement.

What do you know about this??? Thanks!
Send me a PM.
Campaigns are being closed on bikes which have been fixed. So parts are available and bikes can be released.
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There was a stop delivery on clutch cover bolts. Affected some bikes.

Is there any website that tell us recalls by VIN #?
Yeah, send me your VIN and I will check.
Don't use any link. Message me.
Off topic. Keep it on topic.
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