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BMW S1000RR 2023 - STOP

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Good morning friends.

I am writing to you from Spain, last week I had the satisfaction of buying a new BMW S1000RR 2023.

The surprise came today when they called me from the dealer indicating that they cannot deliver it to me since it has a STOP campaign.

Supposedly the campaign has to do with the brake lever.

Could you help me?
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Same here in Texas, US. I have completed the paperwork remotely and was on my way to dealership to pick up my baby, when the dealer calls me that they just received Delivery Stop and he cannot sell me the bike! What a bummer! I hope fix is delivered quickly, even if it is just replacing the M brake lever with a stock one (my dealer says they have those in stock) but they have to wait for further instructions from BMW Motorrad
Let us know if you get any insight on a timetable for the replacement parts.
Yes, bummer for me also
I was hoping though that BMW would issue a technical bulletin within 24-48h of issuing the Delivery Stop, as to how to handle this issue. This must be hurting their sales big time
I was told that the number of bikes that are affected are not much; just those who chose the billet pack (us... Lol). My sales guy is disappointed also and relayed equal frustration as he has been through the brake caliper stop sale/previous levers stop sale on the RR's.
They had a stop sale on the previous style levers? What was the issue and fix? Replacement?
I only know of the Hayes caliper recall/stop sale for the RR's for sure. I did hear that on the previous M levers, a pin could potentially vibrate out and cause failure so he might be referring to that/issue with other motorcycle models/just trying to comfort me lol...

Issue is for sure going to be new part replacement. Doubt they're going to "fix" a lever...
What are the historical data saying about BMW attending/fixing such delivery stops? I understand each case is different and depends on part affected but curios to see if we are to wait days, weeks or months?
The stop sale I went through on my 21 for the calipers took about 4 weeks as they were awaiting the replacement parts. Hopefully our case is different than the caliper stop sale since the number of bikes affected isnt as much as what was dealt with in the caliper recall.
Not impacted by this, but curious - what's wrong with the lever?
Awaiting the bulletin to find that out myself.
If dealers have demos with the billet levers which are registered, they can be ridden. Some customers got their billet bikes just before this stop delivery so they're also riding.
My bike arrived prior to the stop sale but unfortunately, being out on travel extended my pick up timeframe and now the bike is being quarantined at the dealer. Almost like bikes can catch COVID nowadays... 😂.

Hopefully we'll hear about the remedy soon and get parts delivered fairly quickly.
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Bulletin has been released. Issue affects Billet levers on 23 RR and 23 M R. Replacement fullcrum pins are available for fitment. Bikes from Feb 9 are not affected.
Thanks for the update Benny. Glad to know that it is an easy and quick fix. Hopefully parts will be overnighted to dealers and they can keep things going.
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I have heard the Customs Clearance depot called a few different things. It amounts to the locations that the bikes are held for customs clearance and that year there was a another recall and stop sale the fix was applied to the bikes at the customs clearance depot. So maybe that is the location the parts are being sent to and some techs are there to repair the bikes already in the USA but not at the dealers yet,
If you were to estimate when our US dealers will be able to receive these parts and make the turnaround to be able to release the stop sale bikes; would you say late March or early April is a safe bet?
Campaigns are being closed on bikes which have been fixed. So parts are available and bikes can be released.
Comforting, thanks the update. Hopefully some of those bikes are bikes at the dealers.
Spoke with my CA this morning. BMW regional rep confirmed that BMW is FedExing the part to get my bike off stop sale. CA is trying to find out if there's a tracking number to get an better idea of when.
Keep us updated homie.
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