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Hey everybody,

I've had this windscreen up on CL for ages at $65 and have gotten tired of the "I'll take it for $30" and "can u ship it to Antarctica???" people, so here's the deal: whoever actually shows up and picks either of these parts up, they are yours. The windscreen cost about $120 with hardware and the updated timing chain tensioner plug is $48, so if you want to do the good and decent thing, I'll happily accept what you want to pay...but I'd rather the parts go to good homes than the recycling bin.

-Zero Gravity Corsa windscreen in dark smoke with ProBolt titanium hardware
-Silver timing chain plug part #11318534849

Located in Seattle proper.

Mods, if this isn't allowed outside the FS section, please move/delete as appropriate. Figured it made more sense in the PacNW forum.
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