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I have a few.

For daily commuting?Ogio Mach 3 (Red Bull Branded)
For daily use if I need more volume? LA Police Gear 3-day Pack.
For touring?Kriega R30
For photography rides?LowePro Flipside Sport 20L AW

The only thing that I don't love about the Ogio Mach 3, is that with where it sits and how incompressible it is, it's a pain if your jacket has even a bit of a hump.
The LAPG 3-day pack is freaking amazing for the price. I've got a couple for different uses. It'll hold 5 boxes of shells and a 26" over/under (broken down) for rides to the clays range!
The R30 is amazing, comfortable, voluminous, completely waterproof, but it is a pain to get in and out of thanks to the waterproofing.
The LowePro Flipside Sport is the best camera bag I've ever used. It's got a self-contained waterproof hood, and is extremely comfortable on the bike, or while hiking.

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used to use an over the shoulder underarmour gym bag, but the single pressure point on my left trip gave me a nasty pinched nerve. i went to the underarmour back pack with a camelbak bladder in it that i've used for years. a little of a challenge getting on and off with a suit, but overall happy with it.

when i did some longer distance riding, i had a tank bag that had a shoulder strap that i could access things like wallet/phone easier than removing a backpack. great for that, but in mountain curves, it'd flop in my way and was awkward.

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