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EXCELLENT write-up! How the hell did I miss this before?

Anyway, as to this:
"The cruise control does not ‘hunt’ the speed near as bad when you enter a corner that is sharp enough you move to 20-30 degrees lean angle. The 15-19 K46 will roll back the speed and go back up, go back down, go back up.. depending on how long the corner is anyway. IE… go find a nice long corner, set cruise speed at whatever you feel is safe. Dive into the corner and get some lean angle and note the speed is pretty consistent. If you have not rode a K46 doing this, you will not appreciate this change."

I noticed that even when leaning over just enough to change lanes with the cruise control on it will cut power momentarily. What I THINK is happening, is that on the K46 the cruise control works ONLY on wheel RPM, so when you lean over at speed (and with a certain momentum) you get on the side of the tire with smaller diameter so the wheel RPM increases because of the energy you have because of your momentum (you stay going the same speed), but the cruise control thinks you're speeding up or going downhill. I THINK the K67 takes lean angle into the equation and knows the basic profile of the tire (constantly decreasing diameter as you get closer to the edge) and adjusts accordingly and doesn't cut the throttle. My $.00000002.

Thoughts on this?
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