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Hi everybody

Yesterdy on a beautiful trip with my s1RR MY 2015 suddenly christmas lighting in the cockpit.

Warning lights on:
ABS (sometimes, not blinking) ASC (sometimes, not blinking) and engine electronics (most of the time).
Power is normal, engine runs roughly in lower rpm, normal in higher.
Rev. counter shows always the same rpm, functions for some seconds and stops again holding the last position.
Speedometer shows three bars instead of the speed.

I stopped, switched the engine off and waited 2 minutes. Ignition on: Nothing on the display! Don't know why but I tried to start the bike rolling in first gear (silly idea, I know), released the clutch: Baam, Display on (not the engine ;-)). Starting in N-Position. No prob, battery is fully loaded.

I know: It could be everything and crystal balls are expensive and not really reliable. I've ordered a GS911WiFi but this will last 5 days. To bridge the time I will try a few things. Any advice is welcome. Tnx in advance.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts