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I am new here and new to this bike (22' S1000 XR). I am going in for my initial 600 mile service and to have the bike "unlocked".

I have purchased the UNICAR UCI 2100 OBDII device so I can turn off my maintenance reminders after I do my services myself using Motoscan.

Reading here I have noticed there are other connection devices and software programs available to allow the owner/programmer to change many things this bike has as options.

I also understand there are tuners out there that can provide these services for performance tunes. The exhaust valve open/close seems to be a big item of attention as does the power in the lower to midrange of the bikes MAP.

That being said... What software program/s and equipment provide the best flexibility?
Do any of them allow you to perform the factory updates that a dealer would do?
Do you need to go back to school to use these?
Are their tutorials available to keep you from smoking your ECU?


I have also noticed there seem to be some plugs under the seat along the drivers side frame rail that are dead ended. I have no idea what they are for and would be interested to know where I could get an actual shop manual for this bike to have a clear understanding of the actual service to be performed and what is what.

My option wants would be the following in no particular order:

Either both lights on during the day or not. I have Clearwater Darlas that are on all the time.
More than 3 levels of grip heat
Better low end and midrange power. (i am coming off a Multistrada 1260 with tune and full exhaust)
"Touring" suspension mode for those less than sporty drones down the interstate.

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I put a servo buddy on my 2021 (Servo Buddy BMW 2010-2022 - RevZilla) along with a Pro-Race GP-R2 Exhaust slip-on (Pro-Race Exhaust Systems) and no re-map was required. None of the code reading devices (I have both Motoscan and GS911) can update. Their capabilities are purely diagnostic and to reset maintenance lights, unless they are capable of something I'm not aware of.

As far as going back to school to operate, I'm old, fat and stupid, but do have a PhD in Bullshitology and I haven't had any problems figuring them out.

Tutorials? Try these:
GS 911 -

MotoScan -

Comparison -
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