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Motorcycle Excitement Track Days is holding a two-fer track event at Summit Point Motorsports Park, beginning this upcoming weekend, on Sunday., August 8, we'll be at the Shenandoah circuit, 22 turns on the one of the most technical tracks in the USA. On Monday, August 9, we'll move over to the Summit Main Circuit, one of the legendary race tracks in the USA. Freshly resurfaced this season, one S1000RR racer has already broken into the lap times, only a few seconds off the absolute lap record for motorcycles there.

Cost for the combined two-day event is only $300 plus your $25 membership card if you haven't gotten one with Motorcycle Excitement yet. There is a discount for active and retired military personnel. Coaching is available at every level from brand-new beginner to Expert racing. Our Race Licensing School is also offered, for those who want to learn the ins and outs of roadracing and qualify for their racing license.

There is also a go-kart racing setup at Summit, on the new Washington Circuit. Walk-In passes are available for karting, no license required. (it looks like their website is down right now...) Lots of us track day guys go over the the Kart track in the evening for some Karting fun under the lights. It gets pretty wild and hairy, just the way open-wheel racing is supposed to be!

If any members of this forum want to come out, hit me up at [email protected], and we can pit together and swap tips.

See my sig line for the URL for Motorcycle Excitement, a great sponsor and supporter of the sport.
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