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The infamous carbon fiber wheels which the BMW HP4 Race was wearing are now available for your BMW S1000RR!!!

Thyssenkrupp Carbon Fiber wheels are made using a special braiding technique where the carbon fiber strand runs throughout the wheel, which make the lightest possible wheel while maximizing the impact and damage tolerance of the carbon material!

The spokes are filled with foam which help with the stiffness / rigidity of the wheels while helping to dampen the vibrations.

Front Wheel Maximum Static Load Rating : 399lbs
Rear Wheel Maximum Static Load : 599lbs

Front Wheel Size : 3.5 x 17
Rear Wheel Size : 6.0 x 17

Front Wheel Weight : 4.19 lbs
Rear Wheel Weight : 6.39 lbs

How Much?
- Thyssenkrupp Wheel Sets are $3999 USD
- Shipping is free within USA!
- Affordable international shipping options

Will it fit my S1000RR?
- Fits 2009 to 2019 S1000RR and 2012-2014 HP4 models (SEE FITMENT NOTE BELOW)
- These wheels do not come with the sprocket carrier! The factory sprocket carriers from the HP4 and the BMW S1000RR equipped with the HP wheels will fit!
- Only the front brake rotors from the HP4 and the BMW S1000RR equipped with the HP wheels will fit!

How do I order?
- Order directly from our website :

How long will it take for me to receive my wheels?
- Current delivery times are within 2-4 weeks.


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I’m looking to place an order on a set of these, and also two sets of Rotobox Boosts.

Can you check your private messages once you get a chance.

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Damn. That's a great price.
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