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To those who haven't made use of your manual,... you're welcome.

Like I say, there is a "sticky" in the General Discussion forumn titled "Owner's Manual" and there is a PDF manual you can download. It has a date of 2009 and is perhaps a draft of newer manuals. It's obviously a English version and not intended for USA models. On page 104 it shows the wrench size as 32mm.

Maybe some of you English/European guys can comment on what your owner's manual says and what is in your tool kit.
My 2013 bike has a 34mm rear axle nut and the tool in the toolkit is 34mm. However the riders manual available on-line says 32mm. So they must have changed it somewhere along the line, so check your own bike to see what you have.
Lawrence, Lawrence, Lawrence,

No need to doubt that is in fact a 34mm nut. None. Zero. Nada. :confused:
Re-read my quote above. That's a really old manual, and this is a really old thread. There was a point in 2010 when they even recalled the manual. You had to bring it in and have it replaced it had so many errors. The one they gave me was a 3rd edition where it was corrected, and that was in June, 2010.
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