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I have read a lot of posts about people having trouble removing the exhaust servo on the 2021/2022 S1000RR M sport. I have seen people disconnecting the cable or taking the servo out of the housing but I have found the easiest way is to just remove it all together. There is only one bolt holds it in and the plug. See in picture near top left.
1. Remove the rearset and tie it back to one side
2. Remove the servo plug in and then remove the cap of the exhaust where the cables control the flap and then remove the cables from the exhaust flap. 3. The just pull upwards and the whole servo which is held in by 2 rubber prongs that just lift out and it it took me about 15 minutes quite fidly but trying to under the servo cover is harder and the lower bolt is hard to get to. I hope this helps
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