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Service Campaign: 0011510000 Replacing the intake camshaft

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Service Campaign: 0011510000 Replacing the intake camshaft
S1000RR K67 (OE21/OE23)

Situation: During the production of the intake camshaft, a changed machining coolant occasionally caused localised over heating. The changed surface hardness can result in increased wear of the rocker arms and camshafts over the service life.

Series Solution: Since January 19, 2022, only engines without this fault pattern have been produced.

Service Solution: In all instances in which the vehicles have already been handed over to customers, the customers must be made aware of the situation described above by telephone and asked to have the technical campaign carried out. For vehicles that have not yet been delivered, the service campaign must be carried out before delivery to customers. The intake camshaft must be replaced. Following the removal of the intake camshaft, the rocker arms on the intake side must also be inspected for initial damage and replaced where required.
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Check your VIN # here to see if your a victim of this issue.
mine came back with no recalls, mine is a 2021 s1000RR_M, May 2021 build.

It would be a huge disaster if it was a bunch of bikes. I don’t know if they’re camshafts are produced in house or is that another item that is supplied by outside vendors. very annoying for many people.
That webpage link is totally useless. I've checked that site constantly when word came out about the timing chain tensioner recall. Zero hit on that site. Had my dealer look it up. Bam. My bike is on the recall list. For whatever reason, BMW won't give us NA owners access to see these service campaigns. You'll have to call your dealer for the definitive answer as to whether this recall affects your bike or not.
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So what did your dealer say about your intake camshaft?
I haven't had a chance to call my dealer on this. With the crappy weather I've had around me, my bike has been just sitting so no real urgency to get the bike back into the shop if mine is part of the recall.
So I checked my VIN here
and my bike does show as needing this recall, my build date is 8/2021 one of the first 2022 models.

I called my local dealer and they confirmed the recall is needed but they don't expect BMW Germany to have the parts until March 2023 i.e. the replacement parts are not even listed currently.

So I guess this recall is something they have found but have yet to figure out how they roll out the parts needed and steps to fix to dealer network.
Just put in my VIN and it showed the same service campaign needed on my bike. Sigh. Doesn't show the timing chain tensioner recall on my bike so I guess it gets pulled down when a recall is completed.

Also, it's a bit ridiculous we have to go to a UK webpage to check on recall information on a US sold bike. Why doesn't the US webpage show this information?
Well, the UK site says I need recall for the oil cooler guard when I never bought or had BMW install an oil cooler guard with bike."Enhancement code INFO773190
Just got off the phone with my dealer. Yep, my bike has the recall. Funny thing is I'm the first that has called in about this as the SA said she didn't even know about this recall. And can also confirm that there are no parts available to order to correct this problem. I asked if it's still safe to ride the bike or if there are any conditions I should avoid such as running the engine above a certain RPM. She didn't see any specific info on this but said there isn't a notation about a stop ride order listed in the recall info. She did suggest I call BMW NA to get their take on it.
Same build date as my 2022.. I even have a 2022 built in Aug of 2021 and it is on the camshaft recall list. :cry:
Sucks. I'm happy BMW is being proactive. But this is the second recall in less than a year of owning my bike with these recalls literally only about 3 months apart from each other. After talking to my dealer, I decided the RR is done until I get it in for the recall work. Threw on the front triple tree stand and have the bike propped up in the air for now.
FYI. My dealer just informed me they have the necessary part to do the recall. Won't know if anything extra will need to be done depending on what they find when they tear into the motor. Was told to allocate 5 days for the repair as a just in case. I'm scheduled to have my bike worked on next Wednesday.

Also as an FYI, I called BMW Roadside as a suggestion from the dealer service writer to see if they'll cover having the bike towed to them. And to my surprise, BMW Roadside agreed to pick up the bike under coverage. I also found out I'm entitled to an Uber for up to 90 miles that can be split between two separate rides within 5 days of the tow pickup. So if the bike gets done soon enough, I'll have a covered ride out to the dealer to get my bike.
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Yes, but most likely they send a flatbed truck to tow it, not something I would wanna do.
We'll see. Service writer said if the tow truck comes with no wheel chock to refuse the towing and to contact Roadside again to request a different tow company.
How long did it take for them to get parts? Did you leave your bike there the whole time? My dealer won’t order until I leave the bike there and they’re telling me that it may be 45 days…. Crazy
I was the first to call in about the recall and actually made them aware of the recall. So I was placed on the list to contact when they get parts to do the recall. Obviously I was the first on the list. I was told BMW was not allowing the parts to be ordered till March 1st. I got a call March 2nd that they have the part and to schedule my bike in for service. My bike goes in to have the recall done next Tuesday but they won't get to it till next Wednesday.

The tow company just picked up my bike and it's on its way to the dealer. The company BMW sent does nothing but motorcycle towing. While he didn't have a wheel chock, he had specific handlebar straps that had cups which the handlebar fitted into. His vehicle is a pickup with one of those extending platforms which the bike is strapped to. All in all, I'm pretty pleased with my experience with BMW Roadside. Along the way, I was getting text messages providing updates on the tow. The tow operator called me to give me updates on his ETA. And BMW Roadside called me after they got notification my bike was biked up to confirm.

Also, it was nice they sent this guy as he's also a motorcycle enthusiast and has road raced.

We'll see how soon I'll be getting my bike back now and how good the Uber perk is with Roadside.

All in all, I set up the appointment for 8AM pickup and he was here at 8:46.
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Another update.

Got a call from the dealer. The recall is done. She said my bike definitely needed the intake cam replaced. Didn't get into asking how they determined that. Unfortunately, she said they have to get back into the motor as the valve cover gasket failed. So they have to replace it. Hopefully they'll be done soon. When I talk to them next or when I go in to pick up my bike, I'll ask them for more clarification as to what they saw with the intake cam. She also mentioned it didn't rise to "level 4" where the rockers needed to be replaced. I think she said something about my repair being at a "level 2".
Just brought back my bike from the dealer. Felt weird riding it since I haven't ridden it for about 3 months now. Service writer said they're billing BMW about $3500 for this repair which was just to replace the intake camshaft. Not sure if I heard her correctly, but I think she said they're billing BMW about $1000 or the valve cover gasket repair. So BMW is really getting hit in the wallet with this recall. Talked to the tech that did the work on my bike and said the followers/actuators were good. Said my situation is the best scenario where it only required the replacement of the camshaft. He did not some slight wear on the camshaft but nothing that would raise any concerns at the moment.
Yes. And just think how much more the recall bill to BMW would have been if the tech had to do more valve train work.
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