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Service Campaign: 0011510000 Replacing the intake camshaft

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Service Campaign: 0011510000 Replacing the intake camshaft
S1000RR K67 (OE21/OE23)

Situation: During the production of the intake camshaft, a changed machining coolant occasionally caused localised over heating. The changed surface hardness can result in increased wear of the rocker arms and camshafts over the service life.

Series Solution: Since January 19, 2022, only engines without this fault pattern have been produced.

Service Solution: In all instances in which the vehicles have already been handed over to customers, the customers must be made aware of the situation described above by telephone and asked to have the technical campaign carried out. For vehicles that have not yet been delivered, the service campaign must be carried out before delivery to customers. The intake camshaft must be replaced. Following the removal of the intake camshaft, the rocker arms on the intake side must also be inspected for initial damage and replaced where required.
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You got to be kidding, one thing after the other. Bmw is asleep at the wheel, might be time to move on
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See the screen @1:25, same defect code but very different issue than what Benny posted?

Different, thats another recall of many
FYI - I'm in US and just checked w/dealer and no open recall on my 2021 RR at this time.
Same thing dealer told me when I asked the other day about my 21.
Just put in my VIN and it showed the same service campaign needed on my bike. Sigh. Doesn't show the timing chain tensioner recall on my bike so I guess it gets pulled down when a recall is completed.

Also, it's a bit ridiculous we have to go to a UK webpage to check on recall information on a US sold bike. Why doesn't the US webpage show this information?
Well, the UK site says I need recall for the oil cooler guard when I never bought or had BMW install an oil cooler guard with bike."Enhancement code INFO773190
FYI. My dealer just informed me they have the necessary part to do the recall. Won't know if anything extra will need to be done depending on what they find when they tear into the motor. Was told to allocate 5 days for the repair as a just in case. I'm scheduled to have my bike worked on next Wednesday.

Also as an FYI, I called BMW Roadside as a suggestion from the dealer service writer to see if they'll cover having the bike towed to them. And to my surprise, BMW Roadside agreed to pick up the bike under coverage. I also found out I'm entitled to an Uber for up to 90 miles that can be split between two separate rides within 5 days of the tow pickup. So if the bike gets done soon enough, I'll have a covered ride out to the dealer to get my bike.
Yes, but most likely they send a flatbed truck to tow it, not something I would wanna do.
Strange they don't authorize or reimburse the dealer to pick it up?
Right and the dealers have the proper vehicles to do it correctly
Yeah I called the local dealer here in Jan when I found out about it. They had no idea, but apparently they aren’t ordering until they have the bike sitting at the shop. Sucks because that wastes weeks, but whatever. I don’t have much to choose from here so I’ll have to deal. Good luck bro!
That there is a crappy dealer. Why would they even want the bike just sitting there taking up space? Or will they just put it outside out of the way? All they have to do is order parts off your VIN number.
My dealer orders the parts for recalls then calls me when they are in, then I make Appt. Thats the way is should be done.
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