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4 of us just returned from a 6 day, 1350 mile journey with our 2018 BMW GTL's & 4 Shoei Neotec 2 helmets with 4 Sena SRL comm systems.There has been many opinions about the Sena SRL system and I posted about the painful pairing of the SRL's and I stand by what I wrote earlier. The lack of clear instructions from Sena made these units difficult to start out with. But as with any technology, you learn and adapt. The big "Fail" from Sena is the lack of instructional video on the company website. Sena has posted many videos about earlier products but they really need to update/include SRL video "How to's."

With that said here are the good and well as the bad opinions from myself concerning the Sena SRL:

The good:

- Once you figure the pairing sequence, they do not require "Re-pairing" them again.

- battery life was good and never did we require to stop and charge the SRL's despite some long riding days, (10 + hrs.)

- The intercom clarity is amazing and once you have your visor shut, it is like you sitting a car talking to each other.

- The music interruption and resumption of music when using intercom is flawless. ie: you talk, music fades out, you stop talking, music fades back in. Really a nice feature.

- unobtrusive on the Shoei Neotec 2.

Now the "So-so" review:

-The music quality suffers a bit from the lack of base. but really, these are not Apple iPods. I did not feel the music quality suffers to a point of not listening all day.

- The "Who's on first" group intercom scenario. it was a bit finicky to enter and leave group intercom and return to "One on

one" intercom. This is due to mostly operator error and the smallish buttons.

- Price $259 per set before taxes and or shipping. A bit pricey.

- The 3 buttons can but a bit small with gloved hand but it's really a non-issue.

Now the Bad:

- Initial pairing sequence. Sena has done a horrible job of explaining the sequence and the combinations you can do to pair more than 2 headsets. *If you have 2 sets of 4 riders, ie: 2 couples then pair like this:

Couple 1 is A & B. Couple 2 is C & D.

Pair A with C then pair B with D then pair A with B then pair C with D.

*If couple 1 wants to talk only between themselves, then one center button push. If couple 2 wants to talk between themselves then one center button push. If any one wants a group intercom then 2 center button pushes will accomplish that. But remember, you must always 2 x push to exit and enter group intercom. And when you must center push once to regain one on one intercom the music sharing must be re-accomplished, (Hold - button until "Music sharing off" then hold - button again until "Music sharing on" is heard.)

- Sirrus sounds like crap. don't bother, its the bit rate of Sirrus that is the issue.

- Voice control is a battle that you will not win. Don't bother.

*I used a USB thumb drive with a ton of music on it plugged into the BMW K1600 GTL and it worked flawless. I gave up on Pandora, (Although it will work if you can pair it up early.)

*If using these on a BMW RT 1200 or K1600, DO NOT PAIR THE SENA TO THE GPS. This will only confuse the issue,

Pair your phone to the Sena then Pair the Sena to the BMW by using the "Media Selective paring." You will be able to listen to music from your phone, listen to music from USB or anything on the SRC button, (left side on GTL) and you WILL hear GPS directions as well. to do this:

1 Pair your phone to SENA by holding center button until "Phone pair" is heard. Pair the phone.

2- after that, hold center button and DO NOT LET GO until you hear "Configuration menu," *You will first hear "intercom pairing" Do not let go of center button until you hear "Configuration menu." The let go of center button and press the + button, (4th press) until you hear "Media Selective pairing." *Have your BMW in "BT pairing" on the dashboard to pair up.

After using the Sena SRL's for 6 days I am now fairly impressed with the clarity of the intercom, the phone features and the battery life. I would recommend the Sena SRL as a "Buy" if you have the Shoei Neotec2 and do long rides with others. Just don't expect the feature rich technology to be anything amazing g. For good solid intercom and easy music listen ing, its great. Forget the rest.

The Shoei Neotec 2 review:

I have had the Shoei Neotec 2 for about a month. I do a lot of riding, (7 bikes in stable) and it gets used almost everyday I am home. I am replacing it with the prior version, (Shoei neotec) and there is some great features in the new lid.

The good:

- It "Feels" lighter despite it being the same relative weight of the original Neotec.

- The venting is an improvement but I fail to feel a big difference. *The open/close mechanism on top works fine with gloved hand. C'mon you haters, it's a motorcycle thing. It's not that hard to open/close.

-Noise is significantly reduced due to the better bottom enclosure.

The "Stay up" feature of the flip up chin bar. I don't ride around a lot with the chin bar up despite it being D.O.T. approved.

-The positive lock when you lower the chin bar. The old Neotec did not always "Click" in. place when you lower the chin bar. The confidence of the new lid is much greater.

- The lack of "D" ring. It's about time! The best chin strap yet.

The Not so good.

- Shoei still uses the old method of securing the cheekpads with this thin plastic snap in place type fastener. Problem is that plastic is not bendable and you simple dread putting the check pads back in. Awful design.

- The price. Well I guess it's a matter of you get what you pay for and this is a quality lid.

Overall I am extremly happy with the a Shoei Neoptec 2. My GF has a new one also and has no complaints. Shoei designed a helmet that fits most mid-oval heads and it feels perfect when you put it on for the first time. No pressure points, nada.

Review of the 2018 BMW K1600 GTL on a long cruise:
Perfect on a 6 day ride. Nothing even comes close.

*My BMW's:

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