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I just found the coolest section of remote road in years, the run between Woodenbong and Old koreelah in Northern nsw. It may extend further south, I don't know, but it's all been resurfaced just recently, smooth as and beautiful sweepers as well as lots of occasional tight 50~60k sections. Best part of all, no traffic! At least there wasn't on Friday. It's a real out of the way bit of road.

Of course you have to come up the Mount Lindesay hwy from Beaudesert, or up the summerland way, but those roads aren't too bad either. I actually came in on the southern end via White Swamp road, but don't come that way, it's rough dirt, I was on my T7. It's been a long long time since I got that dumb smile on my face while riding but I got it yesterday.

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These bing grabs are from 2022, and pretty accurate but it looked smoother on the day, newer. Must be some politician has a property out there.

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