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After my previous HP lever protector fell off mid-ride, I ordered a replacement part and it was installed. During a recent ride, I noticed it was loose. Looking closer, it just came off when gently pulling on it.
Instead of being one machined CNC part, the part that holds the part (2) is actually GLUED to the protector arm (1). No way will this hold up upon any kind of impact and prevent any force being applied to your brake lever. BMW are going to replace it under warranty but I'll ask for a refund as I no longer trust this part. Shame, as the other HP parts I have such as both HP levers, are of high quality.

The fitment issue is that there is too large a space inside part 3 so when the screw is tightened, it forces part 2 to separate from part 1. The depth of part 3 needs to be more shallow so part 2 is level with the top edge of part 3 when it connects to part 1. I'd recommend a few washers be inserted inside part 3 before fitting.

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