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I didn't care for the stem mounts that put the radar detector sitting up in space where I'd hit it with my helmet, and i didn't think the mounts that install on the top of the fork tubes would actually allow the detector to 'see' over the dash. So I designed my own.

I did make one specifically for the Valentine One that I use, and a platform type that is more versatile for other radar detectors, as well as GPS's, etc. One customer on the forum mounted this platform 'backwards' to provide a better angle of view for his GPS.

The mount is designed using solid modeling, prototyped, and is CNC'd aluminum with a black anodized finish. The device places your accessory as low and far forward as possible while still allowing dash visibility and detector visibility at a 3 deg decline at the road ahead. The position and finish allow it to blend into the darkness of the dash area using existing mounting holes in the triple trees to minimize affecting the sleek look of the bike while allowing functionality. I personally run it with the helmet-mounted H.A.R.D. system and a Valentine One. The system has more than paid for itself in saved tickets already.

More information, including a downloadable installation manual is located at ychrome. Demonstration and installation video on youtube shown below.

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