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s1000rr k67 does not start

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S1000rr k67 does not start from the classic "engine management error"
600 km
  • battery is charged
  • 85km done from the last full tank of petrol I have not had any jerks or drops in power, the petrol has no bubbles or foam inside.
tried about ten times to turn it on and off, also disconnected the battery for about ten minutes

what can it be?

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at 600KM you better get it back to the dealer to deal with.

There are many things that can cause a no start.

Get a GS911 and see what the error codes are.
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Crank sensor is that P code. But would prefer the bmw code.
P codes in the OBD definition are anything powertrain related.

BWM Motorrad does not use B codes on the S1000RR, but the K1600 has evolved enough to have body control modules where you would see B codes.

The P2617 is a defined as Crank Position Sensor and if whatever you are using to pull ( Texa , MotoScan, Snap On ) this code is defined correctly for BMW data stream, then it is a good place to look. The connector is sticking out of the front of the stator cover area, and depending on what you were doing before this no start event occurred, you might have broke the crank sensor. I have hit the thing with even my roll around chair before moving around the bike working on installing headers.

So we really dont have the full story from you as to what you were doing to all the sudden cause a complete no start at 600KM .. that is just not a common issue on any BMW. I would guess that you were doing something and you dont want to take it to the dealer ?

You need to stop disconnecting the battery as all that does is erase the clock in the ECU and cause the service interval data to get messed up. The old days of doing that to cars and trucks does not work anymore today.
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time when I stopped the bike 17.38 time that I try to start again to go, when you see that I try to accelerate but the bike doesn't move 17.48. Not even in moto gp do they disassemble the fairings in 10 minutes

17.55 send at to me my friend the video


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Yesterday I did 185 km for the break-in then I went to see friends to show the bike, I didn't do anything, just when I had to leave it wouldn't start anymore, I even called the BMW mechanic who let me do some tests, like disconnect the battery, we ruled out that it could be the stand sensor and we agreed to pick up the bike for this morning, now it's in the BMW workshop. Here in Europe we don't need to remap as it's already stock at full power, unless you want to race. The only thing we thought was the water in the gas, but ruled that out
I have Nothing to hide, never modified a motorcycle, i always buy them new or almoat new to have the guarantee, if i had to modifiy them i would tale the old ones and save a lot money


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That yellow ECU Fault can be over 25 different items of issue.

BMW does not define each error at the user level.

If you have a GS911 or a friend with one, that is a pretty good scan tool to see what is the possible issue.

If the dealer just to far away to load the bike up and take it there? 600KM is about ready for the break in limiter to be removed anyway. 1000KM is the spec for most dealers.
the bike is already in the bmw dealership.

we read that error code with a bluetooth obd2 device
THE RESPONSE IN BMW is THAT THE FIRST MENTIONED SENSOR is BROKEN (due to a defective part or incorrect assembly), they will replace it
even changing the sensor, the bike does not start, they try to see if the cable could be damaged, otherwise they ask for the replacement of the control unit. :(
I hope you get it back soon!
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a pin of the ecu was oxidized, they cleaned it, and the bike restarted, however they ordered another unit and changed
Common issue. BMW has measures on it and dealer techs should be checking this type of thing.
Pin oxidized in 600km?
Very odd at such a low mileage. But the troubleshooting process remains the same is what I was getting at.
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