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Hello everyone, so I was riding and I got 3 errors today and would like to ask for some advices over here !

First picture: Lambda sensors are disabled because of Power Commander 5 (So those 2 lamba errors are probably false positive) ?

Also I got exhaust flap error, my system is fully opened so I assume flap is removed and error is displayed because of no flap physically connected (Same situation as for lambda sensors) ?

Second picture: I was looking through all settings and found way to unlock 200miles mode.

After that I've found oil level sensor, oil level low/high option.

I did changed from disabled to enabled on both mentioned options.

After I did applied settings, the option "slope sensor" enabled it'self with option "fall sensor".

My question is, since I don't see anywhere my oil level on dashboard (I enabled those options mainly to see level on dash) can I disable these two options back to off ?
And did I fked up something with this ?

Third picture: I was looking for adaption values for gearbox, didn't reset anything here.

My question is, are those gearbox values okay ?

Many thanks for your time.


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