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Removing the USA DRL

A major issue for me
with the Gen 2 XR has been the USA Daytime Running Light (DRL). The right two headlights stay on ALL THE TIME.

This is not the case with the European Models. Their Gen 2 XR’s just have the front LED’s running during the day.

A moderator on this BMW RR Forum has solved this issue. He is BEMRR Wizard (Shop | BEMRR Wizard ). Over the course of Saturday night he figured out how to install the European Auto daytime lights (DRL) on my 2021 BMS S1000XR.

After the install by BEMRR you go to the SETTINGS/ VEHICLE/ LIGHTS & turn on the Auto daytime lights (DRL’s). The change one see’s with this install is a small “A inside a light” appears on the left inferior corner of the TFT all the time. In sunlight a green light appears on the left side of the TFT. When the green light is on then, THE RIGHT HEADLIGHTS ARE OFF & the bike only has the front LED’s running during daylight!!! This feature is installed on European Gen 2 XR’s but, not those shipped to the USA.
Yes, I did remove the Bren Stage 1 tune during this install to be safe. Reinstalled the Bren Stage 1 tune and there were no issues.
For all USA owners that want to get rid of those awful DRL’s get in touch with BEMRR Wizard at Log in or sign up to view or [email protected]. You will require:
1. ENET cable- BMW (order off ebay)
2. Windows Laptop with ethernet port. If not then you will also need a USB to ethernet adapter (Not MAC/Apple)
3. Teamviewer software

I have NO FINANCIAL INTEREST in this mod…

Doco_O (y) o_O

Thanks so much for sharing this. I've already contacted Bemrr Wizard to have this done on my bike. Question...did you DRL's (LED's) become brighter once this was activated? It seems like they run at 50% brightness with the US spec (RH low beam on).

Thank you!
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