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R&G Racing Tank Traction Grip Pads for BMW S1000RR K67 2019 Euro / 2020 USA

The unique R&G Traction Grip texture was specifically designed to be both soft and durable, providing the rider with the grip and feel he/she needs to assist in better bike control, enabling the rider to maintain a stable body position while cornering and braking, whilst also relieving fatigue and providing the rider with complete confidence allowing him/her to fully focus on the road (or track) ahead instead of slipping and sliding on the tank. Each Tank Traction Grip kit is supplied with precision pre-cut adhesive pieces, designed to fit the K67 S1000RR models.

What makes them different from others?
- Unlike other tank grips out there, R&G Racing tank traction grips are made from a special silicone based material which is soft to touch but also provides the rider with great amounts of grip. The material being soft to touch makes them that much easier on your riding gear, because as some of you may have unfortunately found out, other tank grips can be harsh on your riding gear causing accelerated wear.

How much are they?
- R&G Racing Tank grips for the K67 2020 S1000RR are only $59.95 USD
- Free shipping within USA
- Affordable international shipping options

Where can I purchase them?
- Purchase them directly from our website :

Installation Tips
- Although they are extremely easy to install, the correct procedures have to be taken.
- Prior to installing this product, wash your tank to get rid of any grease or chemicals that might be on your tank which would result bad adhesion between the tank and the grips.
- Heat the tank and the tank grips in order to ensure the adhesive is activated to its full potential.
- Place the tank grip at desired location, peel one of the backing tape on the tank grips, and continue sticking the tank trips onto the tank as you peel away the tank grip, with applying firm pressure on tank grips.

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