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This could get heated. Brake pads are a very personal choice. Some would say don't talk politics, religion or about your favorite brake pads at the dinner table... could get ugly. Maybe an oil debate would cool things down.

For those that do not have any experience with a proper track pad I present a few of my favorite brands/compounds. These require heat to actually work so if you are lugging your bike around in 6th gear at residential speed limits----complain elsewhere about the grip. You aint using em right.

First up is SBS.

Pretty extensive list of teams/riders using the same pads available to the public can be found here:

The pad of choice is the DS. Dual sinter pad available in two compounds. DS-1 and DS-2.

DS-1 Compound

More aggressive initial "bite" followed by a linear stopping power curve.

DS-2 Compound

A lighter initial "bite" followed by a more progressive ramp up in stopping power.

We have come to love the DS-2 for the performance, initial bite feel and longevity.

And if you really want to get crazy, you can mix and match 1 set of DS-1 with a set of DS-2 to have a little bit of both. Cool stuff.

Pads are available for purchase on the site at:

Last but definitely not least is

Vesrah is a Japanese company based in Tokyo Japan. They have been supplying parts for aftermarket motorcycles and other power sports equipment worldwide for more than seventy years. They have this down!

The pad of choice here is the RJL. The RJL pads are also available in two track worthy compounds; XX and ZZ. The XX providing that softer initial bite with progressive ramp up and the ZZ providing a stronger initial bite with more linear increase in friction.

The Vesrah pads are available on the site here:

With any of these pads it is imperative to clean your rotors of any previous pad material and to bed in your new pads properly. For any questions on how to do this please feel free to either PM us or email us at [email protected]

If you do need a compound to lug around in 6th gear at residential speeds we got you covered as well. Contact us for a recommendation.
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