These are discontinued per SW-Motech's website
SW-MOTECH USA Shop - high-quality motorcycle accessories
I just bought what was apparently the last one (when I hit "buy" it was available, going back it now says "not available). Retail is $225 or so...several avail on eBay for that price (plus $50 shipping from Europe...)
These fit 16-19 S1000XR.
I recently bought a 19 XR and the PO has "tested" the bars on both sides. Right side has very minor scratch/scrape (see pics 1-4).

Left side has one bar separated and needs welding (see pics 5-9). Very repairable--quick weld, coat of paint and away you go.

Includes all parts and hardware, and original instructions with parts tally sheet and which-bolt-goes where.

Asking $90 plus shipping from DFW, TX.
Reasonable offers will be considered.
Thank you, Rich

rich at rabidjackal dot com