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I wasn't really being humorous lol, I have the 2018 model, but I think I misinterpreted your question Gary, I thought you were asking if there were any known issues, of which I don't believe there are. They really got that model right. So to answer your question as I see it now, issues before you buy, well nothing you wouldn't look for on any other bike I guess. They do have a lot of top end noise, which is normal, but can be off putting at first. I don't think you will encounter any that have been flogged out though, these bikes were built to be flogged and anyone who Really flogged one would be dead now lol. I just asked if it have been used on the track, I wouldn't want an ex track bike.

I think the exhaust system on the one in the pic is good too. Mine came with the de-cat headers and a noisy Akra shorty slip on which I changed to a Yoshi 77D. I'm happy with the way it growls pops and barks now but if I'd bought the setup in the pic you posted I wouldn't have changed that.
Oh and the suspension is really firm, Really firm. It doesn't like bumpy roads mate, not at all at all.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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