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Hey all, I totally forgot to create a new member post but I just got my '23 S1000RR a few weeks ago, and I'm already at ~1400 miles and looking to get plenty more! I've lurked on here for a while so it's awesome to be able to join the community finally!

I'm a relatively novice rider, I've been riding for nearly 6.5 years on a '95 K75, always wanted a sport bike but didn't want to go through the constant buy/sell process of starting with a 400, 600 then 1000cc so I kind of jumped into the deep end! I know, not the most logical decision but nonetheless I've been incredibly happy with the bike, and the level of refinement, responsiveness, and comfort I have experienced so far is incredible!

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Edit: If anyone has any route recommendations in Southern California or even around/outside the state please pass them on, I know it's gonna sound a little nuts but another reason I wanted this bike was so I could go touring on it.
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Welcome! Where are you located in SoCal? I am in San Diego and ther are some great rides down here and of course the Maiblu Canyons near LA.

I'm in Oceanside but I'll be moving up closer to L.A. in the next 2 weeks, I'm definitely looking forward to exploring that area again. Thanks for the reference, I'll have to check it out!
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