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Hey all, I totally forgot to create a new member post but I just got my '23 S1000RR a few weeks ago, and I'm already at ~1400 miles and looking to get plenty more! I've lurked on here for a while so it's awesome to be able to join the community finally!

I'm a relatively novice rider, I've been riding for nearly 6.5 years on a '95 K75, always wanted a sport bike but didn't want to go through the constant buy/sell process of starting with a 400, 600 then 1000cc so I kind of jumped into the deep end! I know, not the most logical decision but nonetheless I've been incredibly happy with the bike, and the level of refinement, responsiveness, and comfort I have experienced so far is incredible!

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Edit: If anyone has any route recommendations in Southern California or even around/outside the state please pass them on, I know it's gonna sound a little nuts but another reason I wanted this bike was so I could go touring on it.
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Welcome! Where are you located in SoCal? I am in San Diego and ther are some great rides down here and of course the Maiblu Canyons near LA.

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