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Hello everyone.
Christian from Denmark. Went from a 2004 fully modded Yamaha R1 to a bmw s1000rr this year.
Currently under build up. Will be posting some of the project later on. It Will have all the goodies you Can want for this bike.
I Will probably ask some questions underways..
/regards Christian

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BMW has done well and made a good decision to return to WSBK for racing. I am sure that worldwide many are seeking the BMW product line based on the great performance it will have in the future, and the past performance it had. If you brought a bike purely on HP numbers, most would buy the Duc... if you brought a bike purely on comfort and power, most would buy the Suzuki GSXR. The blend of electronics and comfort puts the BMW right there for alot of people. The K46 was a great platform. It might continue into 2020 with being better overall over choice over the K67. With oil cooler lines, bad idle and cold starts, cracking resin on the wheels sure makes the K46 a better choice for rider feel that has no desire to deal with this these issues.

Its like me however, I own the

2020 K67 ///M Programmed XWORKS ECU by me
2018 K46 RCK3 / HP Power Kit'ed ECU by me
2017 K46 RCK3 / HP Power Kit'ed ECU by me
2015 K46 RCK3 / HP Power Kit'ed ECU by me
2014 K46 RCK2 / HP Power Kit'ed ECU by me

all these have their place in use, but I really enjoy the K67 overall on the track. You just got to have a ECU resolution to really enjoy the power.
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