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I know this is an old thread but thought I’d mention a riding group I am a member of in case anyone was currently looking for a riding group in the Raleigh area.
Not S1Krr specific, but sport and sport touring. Although the ride I went on last Sunday a lady on one was there.
I don’t own one either, yet. Currently in a KTM Super Duke GT.

Raleigh Epic Rides - on Meetup:

The organizer Keith is a great guy. He has been riding in the area for years and always has great routes in the areas surrounding Raleigh. Sure, the roads aren’t as good as the mountains but he knows really good roads for the area, roads/routes I didn’t know about.

The group typically rides mainly curvy country roads and rides aggressively, but not out of control.

Most rides usually have 5-8 people show up, and if it gets up to 10 he will likely cap it.
If the group is a bit larger, depending on the riders at a particular ride it may sort into a couple of sub-groups, both typically going well above the speed limit but one pushing harder.
But Keith does a good job of keeping the group together by stopping at turns, where necessary as to not leave any rider behind/lost.

After the ride they usually stop for a meal/drinks. I don’t drink anything when riding, but some will have a beer before heading home - never before the actual ride.

He also plans a couple of trips to the mountains each year for a 3 day weekend. Has a camping trip on the schedule for October.
And does other events from time to time. A few of them went to the California Superbike School at VIR a few weeks ago.
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