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MotoGP lever.

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I was watching the French GP in MotoGP and noticed that there is a lever that is actuated right before the Ducati's start braking into a corner. It's on the left hand side of the bike and they flick it with their thumb. Anyone know what this is? Is it the ride high switch, that essentially lowers the bike before braking? Pic attached:
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oh, I see you are not talking about the thumb brake now..

An electronic button can do all kinds of things. Think about the start button on a S1000RR. If you hold it in the start position 5 seconds while the bike is already running , it turns on the launch control.

This button on the left multi switch could do alot of different things via the programming of the ECU.

I just watched the race. Simon mentions the right height adjustment quit often as now it appears all the manufactures are chasing ride height control, before, during and after corner parameters. I even remember one tech talk where Simon mention that GPS was controlling the ride height in testing at certain tracks so the rider only had to ride the bike and the electronics do their thing.
so how long until there are thumb actuated/gps height adjusters on consumer sportsbikes? you know, cause we need that to go faster too.
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