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Im at the track for the next 3 days. When I get back I'll have a look in our loft and see what's laying around. Pretty sure we have those parts for a tri color Motorsports one.

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Great seller, very fast shipping and fair price. Appreciate your fast response time bro!

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I have a list of random parts for the 2015-2018 RR. All for sale. PM me with an offer for whatever you want from the list.

Brake caliper pins
Brake lever rear
Brake levers
Brake pads front
Brake pads rear
Brake reservoirs/master
Clip on bar left
Clip-on bar right
Clutch cable
Clutch lever
Cush drive
Exhaust muffler 2015-2016
Exhaust servo cover
Foot peg bracket left
Foot peg bracket right
Forks set
Front fairing, headlights, intake black
Front fairing, headlights, intake red
Fuel filter
Fuel pump
Gas cap inside (red)
Gas caps
Gas tank 15'-'18 gray
Grip left
Heel guard right
Intake cowl 2015-2016
Intake snorkel gasket
Kick stands
License plate holders '15-'18 with signals
Oil cooler
Passenger peg bracket left
Passenger peg bracket right
Peg springs
Rear brake spacer
Rotors front brake
Rotors rear brake
Sensor wheel front
Sensor wheel rear
Shift assist
Shift lever
Shift spacer
Side fairing red/wht/black '15-'18 with belly set
Side fairing Tri Color '15-'18 left and right set
Side fairings black/grey '15-'18 w/lower belly left
Side fairings black/grey '15-'18 w/lower belly right
Switches right handlebar
Tail piece 2015-2018 blue, left side
Tail piece 2015-2018 blue, right side
Tail piece left gray
Tail piece right gray
Tank covers white
Tank side cover black
Tank side covers 2015-2018 left
Tank side covers 2015-2018 right
Tank side covers blue right and left
Throttle assembly
Triple clamps
Triple clamps lower
Wheel front
Wheel rear
Do you have the clutch lever pivot bolt?

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Do you have the clutch lever pivot bolt?
Not sure, I may have one however such a small item would be best gotten from your local dealer. Have you tried that? Out of stock? Send me a direct message if you want to discuss further.
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