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M1000RR Tuning Options

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Got my M1000RR almost ready for its first service and will be needing a proper dyno tune afterwards. Does any software (i.e. WRT) other than BMW M Race Calibration support it yet? Don't want to drop in a whole new electronics package into it if I don't need to.

Don't want to go the mail-in or plug-in route because this bike is going to be raced so I will need full software access in order to adjust individual parameters.
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BMW or Alpha race harness plus the software will be the way to go for sure if you want to adjust everything.
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There is nothing else apart from above mentioned product.
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Update on this thread. I worked with my tuner to get the ECU firmware read out by the Woolich software. After some minor tweaks, we now have full access to the ECU.

I also spoke with a BMW race engineer about data acquisition. The M Datalogger and GPS Laptrigger kit will provide all necessary data, including potentiometer readings (stock harness has plugs). This can then be loaded into 2D software along with MotoSpec math channels for more precise chassis/suspension telemetry and tuning.

Hope this helps some people!
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