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Longtime Member, First Post

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Greetings all! It's hard to believe that I have been a member of this forum since 2015, but this is my first post. My love affair with BMW Motorrad started back in 2013 with my first BMW: a 2013 K1600GTL, which I traded for a 2014 K1600GTL Exclusive. I then added an S1000R to the stable when it first came out. Traded that in for a 2016 RR, which I then traded for a 2017 RR. Finally, traded the 2017 RR for a 2023 RR Msport, which I ordered to my specifications in January and picked up recently. I still have the GTL with the RR... they couldn't be at more opposite ends of the riding spectrum, but they're both brilliant pieces of machinery. I always find this forum full of knowledge, expertise, and experience, and I appreciate the time and effort all members put into it. Thank you!
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And of course... an obligatory picture of my new baby!
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Great 1st post:)
Took him a while ;)
Welcome !
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