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K67 S1000RR WSBK Tested 439 miles EXWERKS Tom Sykes

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So the meaning of the title is this. I have the 1st K67 made for SMR ( Shaun Muir Racing - Wikipedia ) --- ECU, KOMBI, Ignition Switch/EWS, 2 keys. These are tested by Tom Sykes 439 miles, tuned by BMW Motorrad. Its good to have connections when you know how to talk to the right people. So the story goes that Tom rode this K67 enough to get the feel of the BMSO ECU in a nearly stock dressed platform. BMW Motorrad was on hand for tuning of the electronics. Then it was all torn apart to be put together with the 2D racing 377 suspension system logger, Ohlins forks and shock, WSBK style electronics, BMS2M ECU with Motec C125. I have pictures of all this, but I cannot share the pics due to some of the hardware is confidential. The fuel pump is huge they are using in the fuel tank. They wont even tell me what volume of fuel it moves, but when I was working with custom EFI at Haltech Electronics, I can tell it moves alot of fuel.

I have the EXWERKS ECU , Cluster, EWS, 2 keys from this K67 now. Its the 2nd EXWERKS ECU I have brought now. I have the 2D 377 DataLogger sensors and pump cell wdeband O2 from Tom's bike also.

I will start testing on the new EXWERKS ECU as it starts to warm up here in Texas. Enjoy the pics I can share with you.

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I sent you a PM on this ECU and clocks. I want to buy them.
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