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I rode out to canyon lake vista on Apache Trail rt 88. Be careful they are doing a lot of road work. I'd have to say a good 1/3 of the way up to canyon lake vista the road is completely shredded, pitted, scraped up, and destroyed. Might as well have been off roading. after that 1/3 to 1/2 it's new black asphalt but with rocks, sand, and no real markings since they were still working on it. I didn't go past canyon lake vista fearing there would be more work ahead with the roads in that horrible of a condition I wasn't going to chance it.

There were some corners I almost dropped down to the single digits just to be extra sure. Well time to explore/find other curvy roads that aren't life threatening.

O yeah I went to south mountain summit a couple days ago. yeah I'm def outta riding shape, I had no idea that road was that technical/tight. Def had a few moments were I could've dropped a diamond I tightened up so much.:smile2:

maybe I'll meet somebody round that knows some good routes.
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