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I bought my 2014 from CSS in 2016 and fought false neutral problems from the first track day. Almost all were 3-2 downshifts. It started out being 1 or 2 times during a track weekend but as my pace picked up the number of false neutrals picked up as well. I tried everything suggested I could find. Shift springs, geometry changes. shift selecter, foot position, bearings. Nothing helped my issue. I did figure out that it was only under load on the track when I would have the problem. I really love the bike and it fits my riding style great, so I didn't want to sell it. Based on this being a under load problem, I decided to try installing the IRC autoblipper. I could find pretty much no reviews or help for the IRC blipper installation for the BMW, so it really felt like a shot in the dark.

I bought the unit from the IRC store (DRAGOBIKE in Italy) - MotoD and a few other sell them in the US now, but exchanges rates were in my favor for buying it from Italy. The instructions that came with unit are poor to say the least. Alpha racing has a PDF out there that is better, but not great. The factory settings for the unit are not even close to working well. If anyone is interested, I can take pics of how mine wound up being installed.

Here are the settings that worked for me (my bike is setup with GP shift and pull for upshift) :

t = 60

These should get you pretty darn close to working.

With these settings and at an A group pace, I was back to one false neutral a day. I then switched from Rotella oil to Ravenol and filled it just below the top of the sight glass. I haven't had any false neutrals since I made this change. I also stopped getting any metal filings on the oil drain plug as an added bonus.

I hope this helps someone else. With the blipper working correctly, this bike is awesome to ride!
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