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In my opinion, the best package is no package -- well, maybe the forged rims if you can't find a better option compared to BMW's markup.

I'm still not bought into the idea of cruise control, heated grips, usb etc. etc. on what is effectively a race bike. I mean, is comfort your primary concern on a bike which you should be either riding on the track at full click, or over weekends excursions to twisty canyon/mountain road? And I'd also much, much prefer good aftermarket manual suspension (which I can service myself) compared to that electronic jizzery.

But, I'm definitely an outlier opinion here. I couldn't find a base s1000rr when I was looking a year or so ago, or when I recently started looking again. Seems you'd need to request it at build. And looks like pretty much every manufacturer is going this direction. So, I'll accept the recommendations here would serve you better resell wise.
Maybe you should of just bought a Suzuki which doesnt have all the bells and whistles?
The BMW was my first sportbike with cruise and heated grips, main reason I bought it! Other wise I would have bought the Suzuki. I dont know about others but my hand starts to go numb after a while and the cruise gives my hand a break. The heated grips in the cooler months is tops IMO, as the first thing to get cold is the hands!
So with that being said, I will never want another bike without cruise and heated grips in the future. Its kind of like when you get a car with heated seats, for me I could never own one without it.
But as far as the suspension, manual would be fine for me.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts