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Insights requested on my 2023 build

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Hey all,
I’ll be placing a build order for a 2023 S1000rr M package next Saturday and before I place the build, just want to be sure I get it right for my type of riding and have no regrets. It’ll be 95% street, with maybe 1 track day per year. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • M package with forged wheels, not CF
  • nothing else

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been on the fence on the premium package. The most appealing factor to me in the premium package is the M endurance chain. I’ve read that it’s not truly a no maintenance item, which is fine. Question is, if I don’t get the premium package, can I add the Endurance chain later on?

Has anyone else not gotten the premium package for street riding and regretted it?
Appreciate any insight!

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So heated grips, cruise, ddc and ride modes pro doesnt interest you? Its the chain? :rolleyes:
For me the biggest factors of getting this bike was to get cruise control, heated grips and ride modes pro.
The chain is not a factor and you can buy the chain later on, but its cost is not worth it IMO.
Also IMO you would kill the resale value and many buyers without premium package
IMO, the now added separate cost of the TPMS to me is a waste as it wont tell me the tire pressure till after im moving, I want to know before I leave the house! So, I have to use the tire gauge anyway.
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M package starts here >>>>
DDC ( standard on M package )
Ride Modes Pro ( standard on M package )
Race-Paket ( standard on M package )
Dynamic package ( standard on M package )
M Sports seat ( standard on M package ) There is an option to get a different seat height, but this has caused delays in orders.
Heated Grips ( standard on M package )
RDC ( Tire Pressure Monitor System ) ( standard on M package )
Cruise control ( standard on M package )
M WHEELS > ( can be forged or carbon option wheels )
Operating instructions, English

To here is the options with nearly all M package I have worked on.
Then these are ordered options.

HP Endurance chain ( can be ordered item optional )
Akra Sport silencer ( can be an ordered item as optional or you get the plain SS muffler as same on 2020-2022 )
M lightweight battery ( can be ordered as optional part )
Fästeile-Paket ( Billet levers and rearsets ) ( can be an ordered optional parts )
Alarm system ( can be ordered as optional part )
M GPS-Laptrigger ( can be ordered as optional installation of software to ECU. NO HARDWARE is provided )
HP Carbon Pack ( can be ordered as optional parts )
3 Year Warranty ( USA and other countries are same warranty, but USA is 36,000 miles )

My opinion on optional order parts >

The endurance chain is a money maker for BMW Motorrad. Just a chain in the long run of things as steel is steel. It will degrade with heat and time. You will adjust this like any other chain at 2000, 5000, 8000 miles. You will lube it like any other chain at every other ride if you really want to take care of it.

The AKRA sport muffler is really nice in appearance, but really, we all want a muffler that makes more noise and does not take up a huge amount of space in that area of the swing arm. I like the SC S1 design, and others like the MotoGP short can. Full exhaust option means you only need the optional Akra header and the OEM AKRA sport muffler fits right on there.

The billet levers are too sharp in the edges to me, and I dont like the adjustment knobs. I use Gilles FXL clutch lever, and Brembo folding on my Brembo 19x20 billet master cylinder.

The forged vs carbon wheels. I have hit pot holes with my carbon wheels, I have hit pot holes with my forged. They all have lasted. Now, my friends are not so lucky. I have been on many group rides where someone with like BST carbon wheels hit a pot hole and damaged a front wheel beyond repair. Only replacement. I like both, I have 4 K67 bikes and they vary from carbon to forged.

The alarm system box is not worth it. I have deleted this option code from over 100 ECU's for people.

The M GPS laptimer system is complicated. If you are not willing to spend alot of time on study to this system do not get it and get an SpeedAngle Apex or AIM system.

The HP carbon pack is pretty, but it is really expensive from BMW Motorrad. You can get the exact same parts direct order from various companies a piece set at a time.
Ride modes pro, Heated grips,Cruise control,DDC, Sport muffler,Endurance chain, TPMS is not standard on the M package, its part of the Premium Package according to BMW site.TPMS is added cost
M package you get M seat, M battery and you choose what wheels, carbon or forged.
In my opinion, the best package is no package -- well, maybe the forged rims if you can't find a better option compared to BMW's markup.

I'm still not bought into the idea of cruise control, heated grips, usb etc. etc. on what is effectively a race bike. I mean, is comfort your primary concern on a bike which you should be either riding on the track at full click, or over weekends excursions to twisty canyon/mountain road? And I'd also much, much prefer good aftermarket manual suspension (which I can service myself) compared to that electronic jizzery.

But, I'm definitely an outlier opinion here. I couldn't find a base s1000rr when I was looking a year or so ago, or when I recently started looking again. Seems you'd need to request it at build. And looks like pretty much every manufacturer is going this direction. So, I'll accept the recommendations here would serve you better resell wise.
Maybe you should of just bought a Suzuki which doesnt have all the bells and whistles?
The BMW was my first sportbike with cruise and heated grips, main reason I bought it! Other wise I would have bought the Suzuki. I dont know about others but my hand starts to go numb after a while and the cruise gives my hand a break. The heated grips in the cooler months is tops IMO, as the first thing to get cold is the hands!
So with that being said, I will never want another bike without cruise and heated grips in the future. Its kind of like when you get a car with heated seats, for me I could never own one without it.
But as far as the suspension, manual would be fine for me.
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