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Which mirrors on the 2018 HP4 Race Street?

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As some of you know I have been working on a project to convert a 2018 HP4 Race over to a street legal ish machine. I have 95% of it done and I am super pleased with my work. I am going to post a nice write-up on all the mods I did once I am finished with the project. One of the last items I need to install is mirrors. I want to them to function as a safety feature that is practical and functional. Obviously I could just install a bar end mirror or two, or some aftermarket Chinese junk just to appease the law enforcers in my area, but I am not doing this project for them. I want it to look right and work. The options I have narrowed down are:

Old School Ducati
New School Ducati
New School S1000RR (2020)

The Ducati mirrors will require some slight engineering but doable. The plus side to the Ducati is that there is a company (fullsix) that makes a full carbon fiber mirror body and support arm for the Old and new Ducati style mirrors. You simply install the guts from the factory mirrors in to the new carbon fiber mirrors. Authentic Carbon fiber mirrors are apparently very hard to come by. Plenty of covers , wrap etc.. but not true carbon fiber mirrors. There are a couple companies claiming to sell “ full carbon fiber mirrors “ but it’s actually just the upper half of the mirror and the rest is aluminum. Not what I am looking for. I really like the idea of keeping with the authentic carbon theme of the HP4 Race so the Ducati mirrors are appealing for that reason. There are no true to design S1000RR carbon fiber mirrors that I know of , especially for the 2020. All of these models have built in turn signals on the front which I feel is a necessity for my application. I won’t go into the details of why Rizoma or others won’t work up front easily on the HP4 Race. I did install the roundel emblem bmw turn/ running lights and love how those look but it’s not quite enough “ hey stupid I am turning don’t pull in front of me” brightness/ flash.
So I thought I would post the three mirrors held up roughly in place and see what y’all thought.


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