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Horn Jammed on and Bulb keeps popping.

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Hi all,

I rode home in the rain from work about 2weeks ago in a horrendous downpour. It was a bit hairy.

10 mins from home my headlamp popped and my horn jammed on. I suspect water ingress somewhere (obviously) but not sure if its in the horn switch, the horn or the relays and I have no idea at all on the bulb popping. I've replaced it with a new one and that popped within seconds too.

Any advice would be very welcome

Thanks all!
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On my 2015 the horn would intermittently stick on. My local dealer replaced the left combination switch as the last thing done to my bike under warranty and that fixed it. BTW, I'd ridden my bike probably 3-4 times in the rain prior to the replacement. Combo switches were notoriously bad.
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Thank you.

Headlight bulb was the one that popped and I replaced it like for like and....pop! Gone again.
What year is your bike?
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