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Hockenheim Silver S1000RR Stolen in the Tampa Bay Area

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Hi all, please keep a lookout for a unique hockenheim silver 2022 S1000RR stolen in the Tampa Bay area, although I doubt by now it’s still in one piece. I’ve attached a picture of the van used in the theft and pictures of the bike. Thanks!!

Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Fuel tank

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Fuel tank
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Can't the police locate the van used in the theft since you have a clear picture of the license plate?
Fake plate :/
I've seen that sticker above the van's "grand caravan" emblem before. They have 3 local dealerships in Phoenix called Bill Luke. That body style was discontinued a couple years back and it looks pretty clean by the picture. My guess would be it was either bought by the perp in Phx, bought from a rental car company recently in Florida, or most likely is a rental car out of FL. I doubt that information will do much at this point but just throwing that out there bc you never know.
Thanks! I’ll pass that along to the authorities!
did they just lift and drop into the back of that van, or you aren't sure?

would a bulky security chain, tied around a pillar have helped?
Yes that may have helped. Although in a gated apartment garage I didn’t think it was necessary. I had also installed a tracker deep under the seat but for some reason it stopped tracking as soon as they jacked it. (Most likely a jammer of some sort?)
1 - 4 of 21 Posts