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I am new owner of a 2012 s1krr, and although i am not new to bikes, i am new to the electronic era. I come from riding honda's, which we all know are great bikes, they just lack any kind of tech on them. so when it comes to setting up a bike suspension wise, or gearing, or anything mechanical i have a pretty good idea of what I'm looking for, and what to do.

All this tech stuff kind of makes my head spin. I have been trying to read up on the tech of these bikes, what ecus to run, what to change, what to leave alone, but really haven't come across a thread that doesn't leave me scratching my head and saying "wtf are they talking about".

so i am looking for some basic answers that a newbie could understand, and begin to learn about these bikes. most of my riding will be done at a track with track days, not racing, so please keep that in mind.

some questions.....

-do i need to upgrade my ECU? and if so what is the best bang for the buck? brand?
-are these ecu upgrades just a re-flash of the stock ecu or a completely new ecu?
-what all should i expect to gain form a ecu upgrade?
-what are some good tech upgrades besides the ecu? are there any?

i feel like there should be a sticky thread for a topic like this. maybe there is and I am just to blind to see it?

any help would be greatly apreciated

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1. You don't need to upgrade your ECU.
2. The ECU upgrades are normally a flash. BMW do a RACE ECU for your 2012 which is a completely new ECU that gets fitted to the bike in combination with a Full Akrapovic Exhaust system. They call this the Race power kit. Links and details can be found about what this does and changes etc I won't go into detail.
HP Race Power Kit

S 1000 RR

Product description
HP Race exhaust system from Akrapovič, made entirely of titanium.
Including retrofittable dB eater.
Electronic engine management unit with racing data release.
Performance boost, particularly at midrange rpm.
Optimisation of the rising modes (RAIN, SPORT, RACE, SLICK) in terms of acceleration and trac-tion for racing on closed tracks.
Considerable reduction in weight compared to standard configuration (approx. 6.8 kg).
For use on racing circuits only (not homologated for use on public roads).
Can be enabled only by authorised BMW Motorrad dealers.

HP Race exhaust system (exhaust headers, adapter pipe and silencers):
Material: All titanium (shell, connecting pipe, internals and headers).
Silencer bracket and conical end cap made of carbon.
Weight of entire system including mounting parts and brackets: approx. 4.3 kg.
Weight saving compared to standard configuration: approx. 6.8 kg (removal of all components as per installation instructions).
4-in-2-in-1 principle: 4 headers come together in 2 pipes, which in turn join a large-capacity front silencer.
A measurement oxygen sensor (not included in scope of supply) can be connected for extended professional tuning.
Including retrofittable dB eater: Can be installed if necessary to keep the machine within the tech-spec requirements imposed by some racing-circuit operators for noise abatement.
Including installation instructions with important notes on operating principle and operation. (In-stallation instructions complete for HP Race Power Kit: Exhaust system and electronic engine management unit).

Note: Use of the HP Race exhaust system is permissible only in combination with the racing data release.

Electronic engine management unit with racing data release:
The racing data release has to be enabled with the diagnostic system and the enabling code (for details see the section entitled "Procedure for retrofitting").
The racing data release has effects on engine management parameters (injection quantity, ignition timing, etc.) and on the assistance provided by the ABS and DTC systems. The full functional scope of the racing data release is available only when the SLICK plug is installed.
Engine management: In all four riding modes (RAIN, SPORT, RACE, SLICK) full engine power is always available - power increase and response are configured for racing on closed tracks. Engine management is identical in all 4 riding modes (with the standard data release, by contrast the principle is: the sportier the mode you select, the more directly can you tap into the engine's reserves of power.).

ABS: The ABS settings are identical in the SPORT, RACE and SLICK riding mode (corresponds to standard response of the SLICK mode). The RAIN mode corresponds to the RACE mode in the standard configuration, but in this case the ABS is active for the rear wheel. The function for detecting the rear wheel's tendency to lift clear of the ground is not active in any mode when the coding plug is inserted.

DTC: The DTC settings differ significantly from those of the standard application. The different response in the 4 riding modes is configured for riding on closed racing tracks. The focus is primarily on achieving fast lap times rather than on safety. Traction control is deactivated at "slight" angles of lean, so that wheelies are possible under acceleration. This significantly reduces undesirable flatspots as the motorcycle powers away. Given low friction values, however, this can result in the rear wheel breaking away at slight angles of lean.
The matrix in the installation instructions provides detailed information on the effects of the racing data release on the ABS and DTC systems.
The individual parameters of the racing data release are permanently preprogrammed. In future it will be possible to customise the parameter settings to boost performance with the aid of the HP Calibration Kit when it is released as an accessory.

Note: Racing data release only in combination with HP Race exhaust system.

Up to 8 Nm increase in torque, particularly at midrange rpm relevant for racing on closed tracks (5000 to 9000 rpm), and more top-end power (+3 kW).
Waterproof covers to protect the open plugs of the oxygen sensors and servomotors (not included in scope of supply) removed from the motorcycle.
Procedure for retrofitting
Installation of the HP Race exhaust system in accordance with the installation instructions included in the scope of supply.
Only in combination with the racing data release.
Can be installed by customer.
Installation of the electronic engine management unit in accordance with the installation instructions.
Can be installed by customer.
Enabling of the racing data release in the control unit by enabling code:
Enabling only by authorised BMW Motorrad dealership
Enabling code orderable under BMW part number
The coding plug has to be inserted for the racing data release to be activated (coding plug for SLICK mode, see the rider's manual supplied with the motorcycle). If the coding plug is not inserted, for safety reasons the performance available corresponds to that of the RAIN mode of the standard configuration.
Important note for customer: Enablement of the racing data release cannot be undone. An HP label is affixed to the electronic engine management unit to distinguish it from the standard ECU. Use is possible only in combination with the motorcycle for which the control unit was expressly enabled.
The owner of the motorcycle must sign the form confirming installation of the HP Race Power Kit. The confirmation form is signed after the system has been enabled with the BMW Motorrad diagnostic system.
Recommended in combination with:
HP Race Calibration Kit (optimum add-on for tailoring performance to the individual rider's prefer-ences)
HP Race footrest plate
HP Race Cover Kit
HP Race gearshift-pattern reverser
HP Race Engine Kit 1

For use on racing circuits only (not homologated for use on public roads).
HP Race exhaust system only in combination with the racing data release.

High Performance stickers for visual enhancement:
2 colour schemes: Transparent with blue "HP High Performance Parts" logo and black with white lettering.
For application for example high on the left and/or right side of the rear side panel.
Sizes (WxH): 160x35 mm.

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I have a HP4 which is mostly for the track. I'm considering getting the alpha racing ECU flash that enables the race ECU and RCK2 options, rather than buying the Race ECU (stupid US DOT), the enable code and also the rck2 enable code.

Has anyone used that alpha flash? Do i end up with exactly the same result - HP Race ECU + RCK2?

You can't buy the HP Race ECU unlock code from BMW anymore, so even though i could get the parts direct from Europe cheaper, can't buy the unlock code.

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You said your bike is a 2012. I would book an inspection with the dealer and ask them to apply all the updates available to your current ECU. There were DTC and ABS improvements in the 2012 model year, make sure you have them. The only way to get them is at the dealer, don't let anyone tell you differently.

Do you feel that the bike needs more power? For the street it would be a far better improvement to buy carbon fiber wheels, they will improve not only the acceleration, but the braking and corner tip in too. Leave the ECU and exhaust stock until you've researched every avenue possible, and are confident that the change will make you happy. There are a lot of sad stories here tied to this kind of activity, just search around a bit.
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