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Hello all. New here. Little about myself:

Mechanic by trade, work and overhaul all brands and you name it. Art major, changed to trust law recently. Pretty old fashioned. Low tech in life but not on wheels lol

Started on 50cc as a teen. fast forward gsxr600, 2003 R1. 2011 bought a zx9 20k Miles and started canyon racing practice hwy9 norcal, saratoga which is most beautiful riding roads on the planet imo, later got on a 2006 ZX10 for 50k miles, then 2011 ZX10r 3 year 30k miles, 7mo 7k miles after the 11 zx10 got myself a s1000r which was absolutely beautiful and sounded awesome! with full Akra...but short gears and 160 top speed hwy cruise at 7k wasn't good bike was working too hard. Also the longer wheelbase would understeer back end entry trail braking. scooters, adventure, race, street track commute. Motogp and SBK die hard since 2001

Today my bd finished a project, a bike I bought month ago, 2016 S1000RR premium. 1st test ride down, and what an awesome rocket bike long gear packed with drama and speed <3 Gonna take some getting use to.

I'll throw this out there since already here: any good suspension shops in socal? The prior owner messed with front the front is too low, 10 mile ride on new SC tires front is 2" chicken strip and rear is 1" lean angle sensor shows lowest 35掳
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. The lower triple tree sleeves are lower than initial mark at least by 1" bike super stressed to turn and handle bars wrist breaking low. Any feedback is appreciated.



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welcome! bro chicken strips are ok for the street. If you want to get full lean you'll need to do that on the track.

How long have you been riding? Whatever you do dont knee drag on the street. Go to the track.
Thanks brother.

Been riding for 23 years. I love track and canyons more than life itself.

The important note here is: this is my 1st 10 mile on the s1k as a new owner, on newly installed tires with 10 miles total half of it on wet, the rest mixed conditions. The chicken strips should be exactly the same others wise sag and height problem.

Street or track I like the edge of tire. Feels cozy
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