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We will be creating thread for each of the models that are currently offered by HELITE. We wanted to start out with our most popular model which is the HELITE Turtle 2 Airbag Vest.

This vest is offered in Hi-Viz Yellow and Black with reflective striping. Lightweight and compact, this vest is designed to be worn over your existing riding gear and offers a comfortable fit with freedom of movement.

HELITE Airbag Protection: In case of a fall, the Turtle 2 vest inflates a significant volume that distributes the energy of impacts very effectively.
HELITE Turtle Technology: The TURTLE Technology is a breakthrough innovation that significantly improves energy absorption especially of sharp or intruding objects that would otherwise damage the bags of air

HELITE Back Protector: A SAS-Tec back protector Level 2 is integrated for the Full Turtle Effect.
THE VITAL PARTS- Our airbags offer a wide protection area from head to tailbone.

1. Maintaining the cervical vertebrae and the head.

2. Rigidification of the trunk to stabilize the vital organs: thorax, lungs, pancreas, abdomen, stomach, liver.

3. Complete protection of the spinal column.

4. Kidney and hip protection. The trunk is maintained to better resist hyper-flexing.



We have chosen to design airbags with a big volume (from 17L standard size to 28L large size) in order to absorb impacts and to completely cover vital parts. This is a crucial point that significantly determines the effectiveness of protection. A too small volume does not protect sufficiently in case of impact.



If there is one thing HELITE does not compromise on, it is the maintenance of the neck and cervical vertebrae. This very sensitive area of the human body needs to be optimally protected. The deployment of our neck brace blocks the movement of the head and prevents whiplash.



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You should post this on the site also, I bet there would be some strong interest.

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I was wondering if you can tell us a bit more about the differences between the Turtle 1 & 2? Are the changes only visual and comfort or has the airbag system it self changed it all?

also, I saw there is a Held version, which seems to be the same as the Turle 1. Is there a difference between the Helite and Held version?
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@[B]sswiss30000[/B] Hello and thank you for reaching out. Coverage and protection wise they are the same. The real difference is cosmetic as the Turtle 2 is a bit more discreet and hides the visible cartridge that you see on the Turtle 1. Graphics are different and a bit more refined in terms of comfort and appearance.

HELITE produces HELD as a private label that they sell under he HELD name and is the same as the Turtle 1. I do not believe they did the same with the Turtle 2. Hope that helps and feel free to reach out should you have any other questions. Talk to you soon.

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