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HELITE Adventure Jacket V 2.0
A Sleek, yet rugged design paired with durable water-proof construction makes HELITE'S Airbag Equipped Adventure jacket the ideal jacket for any rider. Whether it's for a seasoned commuter or a new rider attacking the backcountry, the HELITE Airbag Adventure Jacket is ready to protect you against nature's elements as well as any unexpected situations that come your way.

The HELITE Airbag Adventure Jacket comes in black or grey. Below are some of the features of the jacket:
  • Airbag Technology HELITE TURTLE® Euro CE certified deploying in 0.1 seconds
  • Humax waterproof, windproof, breathable membrane
  • Wide retro-reflective piping front, back, and arms
  • Technical textile CORDURA®, highly abrasion resistant
  • Thermal, removable liner (polyester)
  • Comfortable neoprene neck, with adjustable slider to fit the neck to your preference
  • Two large side vents on each side in the front and back of the body
  • Two vents up the sleeve starting at the cuff
  • Strap adjustments to tighten the jacket around the waist, bicep, and forearm.
  • Each jacket comes with one CO2 cartridge, and one motorcycle lanyard
  • SAS-TEC back protector, CE certified level 2
  • KNOX CE approved shoulder and elbow armor
  • Two lower waterproof pockets
  • Many interior and exterior pockets
  • Available in black or grey







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Here is a great testimonial from a customer who unfortunately had to actually use the jacket. I think he is happy with the results!!

"I want to thank you for the fantastic Touring Jacket! It has protected me with ease and comfort from the rain, wind, dirt, sun and even the snow for almost 2 years now. It kept me warm in freezing winter and surprisingly well ventilated in summer! Recently I had the unfortunate opportunity to also finally experience the airbag. And it performed absolutely flawless!

I was driving down an alpine pass road in rainy cold October weather. Due to the wet conditions I was riding quite slow and being careful even when approaching easy open bend. Halfway through a turn the bike suddenly lowsided. No drifting, no hint of losing grip, just ‘bam’. I must have missed an oil spill or something on the wet road. I crashed onto the asphalt and skidded across the road into a ditch. It all happened in the blink of an eye and before I knew what had happened, I was lying next to my bike in the dirt with the airbag inflated feeling like a concrete shell around me. I don't know exactly when it went off. But it deployed as intended for all that matters.

As for injuries, I can only speculate what it protected me from. What counts, however, is that I came away with only a small bruises on my elbow and forearm. It seems it was from hitting the road and slamming into the bike. When I looked at the damage to my bike I guess I was really lucky to have been wearing this jacket!

While the airbag is the most prominent feature, I too want to highlight the excellent protection and build quality this jacket offers in addition. I slid a few meters over rough asphalt and exposed parts on the bike got ground up pretty badly. The jacket however held incredibly well, especially the Superfabric! Only some minor scratches at one point but otherwise almost unaffected! I simply loaded a new cartridge and the jacket is ready to go again!
This incident made me aware that bad luck can strike anytime even in seemingly harmless conditions. I must say that in my relatively easy and simple lowside, good protection like my Helite Jacket is absolutely invaluable. ATGATT!"
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