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I am the original owner. Condition is like new. Slight wear on knee pucks from three track days. No crashes, rips or tears. Held's top of the line suite. Includes SAS-TEC back protector. MSRP is over $1,400. You will not be disappointed.

From manufacturers information:
  • Titanium protectors on shoulder, elbows and knees
  • Safety seams
  • SAS-TEC® soft protectors on the neck, tailbone, hips and ribs
  • SAS-TEC® back protector, tested to EN 1621-2
  • SAS-TEC® 3-D protectors on shoulder and elbow made of visco-elastic soft foam, tested to EN 1621-1
  • Reflector inserts
  • Leather doubling on the buttocks
  • Velcro for retrofittable chest protector
  • height-adjustable SAS-TEC® 3-D protectors on the knee, made of visco-elastic soft foam, tested to EN 1621-1
  • Hard plastic reinforcement on the forearm "engineered by Skill Skin track performance"
Comfort / features
  • Additional protection by ceramic pressure with Schoeller®Keprotec Stretch on the inner arm
  • Schoeller®-keprotec® stretch inserts under the arm, crotch and popliteal fossa
  • Back bones made of hard plastic with optional drink bag
  • Perforated leather inserts
  • Wooden knee sliders
  • H.P.A system (Held protector adjustment) in the knee
  • Front zipper can also be used as Held ACS (Air-Vent)
  • Elbow grinder
  • Cuffs made of stretch material
  • Anti-slip leather on the knee
  • Unlined in the arm and foot area
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • 3D spacer fabric on the back
  • Soft cowhide
  • highly abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather

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Can I ask why are you selling? It's one of the suits I have on my list to consider. From held YT reviews, the suit is meant for road racing, not track.

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Hi Z00. I was hoping I'd lose weight but instead put some on. I've brought the price down to $925 with free shipping so let me know if you want it. Not sure what's the difference between road racing and track.

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That is a beautiful suit and one that I have wanted also! How does the sizing fit compared to a Dainese? I fit a 56 dainese one piece.

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