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I’m a curious soul wading through an ocean of marketing BS. I ended up buying some OZ racing Gass wheels for my used K67 that came with cast wheels for a good deal. And after the fact I have been trying to look up the basic wheel weights to see how good my good deal was. I have found most everything except the OEM cast wheel weight. Here’s what I’ve found so far.

OEM M Forged Wheel $3,000
6.9 lbs Front
9.72 lbs Rear without Sprocket 11.52 lbs w/ Sprocket
16.62 lbs Total
Total: 18.42 lbs w/ Sprocket

OZ Gass RS A *** $2,100
6.7 lbs Front
9.65 lbs Rear w/out Sprocket 11.49 lbs w/ Sprocket
16.35 lbs Total
Total: 18.19 lbs w/ Sprocket

OZ Cattiva RS A (Aluminum Race) $2,500 - $3,000
6.06 lbs Front
10.25 lbs Rear w/ Sprocket
16.31 lbs Total w/ Sprocket

OEM Carbon Wheels $3,500-$4,000
5.39 lbs Front
10.36 lbs Rear w/ Sprocket
15.75 lbs Total w/ Sprocket

Does anyone have the wheel weight without the rotors or tires for the OEM K67 Cast wheels?

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Only thing I came across was this


OEM BMW S1000RR: 9.75 lbs / 16.00 lbs

Also the OZ Cattiva is Forged Magnesium , saving more weight then the RS A
Thank you so much for that!

And the Cattiva has two models, the standard one that is magnesium which is $4k, and the WSBK replica which is forged aluminum, and cost, $2,500-$3,000
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