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Hi all

I've been meaning to write about this for sometime, I found out that my 2020 s1000rr M (Euro version) has an embedded RFID tag somewhere, tag is a long range UHF 868 MHz, I didn't get to check tag's location on the bike but my card reader could beeped every time i parked the bike up front, made me check the logs on the reader and found the tag number, all I had to do is add the number to thee controller as a valid tag.
I installed the card reader as a demo for work, and using it for cars, was very nice using it on the bike, more cars/bike can easily be added by sticking an RFID tag / sticker and add it to the controller.

for this system you will need basic/ moderate network knowledge, nothing complicated if you can make your way around your home router / switches, it can be done following user manuals for the settings. You will also need to connect the RFID controller to your garage door controller, depending on your garage door controller, usually either a to dedicated I/O port, or to the normal open/close button loop. i have a DEXXO Pro 800 Somfy garage motor, but garage doors are usually similar in functions and ports.

this is the list of hardware you will need:
Long Range UHF frequency 868 MHz controller and card reader 1-8 meters. (This is the UHF controller and Reader bundle)
wifi access point with at least 1 port to bridge your wifi and provide a wired connection to your UHF controller
UHF sticker tags (must be 868 MHz)
SQL mini server software (comes with UHF controller)
UHF access software (induced in UHF controller)

all you have to do is fit the card reader directed to the location you usually approach, 2-2.5 meter high, close enough for its short wire to be connected to the UHF controller, connect your wifi access point to your existing wifi, take a wire from that port and connect to your UHF controller. finally the connection to your garage door motor.

mostly the UHF controller comes pre configured , you only have to change this setting below so the when bike / car / tag is detected only one pule / command to open is sent, since the reader is continuously scanning for tags, without this settings it will keep sending an open and close as long as the tag is within range, we want only the first detection open command.
copy door parameters as below:


I also programmed the garage motor to auto close in 90 seconds from every open command (this is a function in many garage models)
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