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Since this kinda doesn't fit in any one forum, I thought I'd post it here. Mods, as always, please feel free to move this if you think it's best somewhere else.

So, recently I've been toying with the idea of getting Yosh headers and a midpipe to use my R-55 LE slip-on and re-mapping. Much to my surprise and dismay, Yosh no longer makes full systems for the 2015-2016!!! I can't even buy separate pieces, say, if I was a racer and FUBAR'd something in a crash! That sux! I certainly don't want to have to buy a full akra system at over $2,200(!!!), over twice what the Yosh would cost! That's absurd. So, maybe I'll try and find a REALLY good quality used R-77 for it, or maybe cut into the bottom of the cats and gut them and re-map, or, maybe I'll just leave it alone. I'm really surprised and disappointed that Yosh doesn't make more of an effore to support those of us with BMW's.

On the positive side, I've called and/or e-mailed Yosh a bunch of times over the years, and they have always had AWESOME customer service. In fact, today, Don got back to me within 15min of me e-mailing them about getting a full system. He was very cool, and professional, and even though he told me what I didn't want to here, he was straight up about it all. VERY professional.

For anyone else interested, here's what he told be about what would fit and the part numbers:
"So for the 2012-14 S1000RR Stainless full system, that was #1520100220.

And for the 2010-11 S1000RR Titanium full system, that was #1520102. It also fit the later models (2012-14) with changing to the later model manifolds and flanges.

I found this part number too (#1530000220) this is for the 2015-16 S1000RR, so if you found one of these, you would be set.

This is a Stainless steel system, we did not make this one in Titanium. But the earlier Titanium version will fit if you swap to the newer manifolds and flanges."

So, if anyone finds out anything that might help me and anyone else trying to find a Yosh, please, post up! Thanks!
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