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Just wanted to try the 2.0 contour set. Bought the 26L bags and 14L tailbag kit. Fitment turned out okay. The contour doesn't match up the best, and if one was to have a fender eliminator, it would almost certainly hide the plate and/or signals and if one had a full length exhaust, it would present a clearance issue.
I tried for a clean install, and made sure the tail bag could come off and the side bags still be able to stay put.
Overall, I'm happy with them. Most of the bike is stock at my choice and it was beneficial. A few nitpicky gripes about the bags themselves, zippers are a bit iffy and not double sided, the storage is just a tad too narrow, and they are not waterproof. Ultimately for mounting them to the RR in lieu of the more expensive Motech ones, it's not a bad option at all.
I will be progressing this as a sport tourer.
If anyone wants closer pics, just ask.


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