I'm making a track bike so I have a complete set of OEM BMW fairings. The bike was orginally a "Style Passion" color.

All the fairing were taken off at ~900 miles of use. Mint Condition.

Everything is 50% off dealership prices!

OEM Seat Sold
OEM Tail left and right Sold
OEM Seat pan.
OEM Left Belly pan
OEM Right Belly pan
OEM Tank Cover
OEM Headlights
OEM Mirrors
OEM Front fender X2 (other one is from an M Package)
OEM headlight trim left and right.
OEM windscreen
OEM mastercylinder
OEM Top Triple and OEM clip ons.
OEM Headers x2
OEM Exhaust Can.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive lighting Fuel tank

PM me if you would like something.